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I had a great time being interviewed by Camille Miller of NLBP-TV after my book was published. 

This book will guide you on an exploration of your wise, magical voice by sharing groundbreaking information, videos and soundbites, backed by science and the author's own personal story of healing. Let's open up a greater awareness of your body as a vibrant instrument of expressive communication - our collective “voices” are meant to be shared from a place of empowerment to facilitate meaningful change in the world!


Women's voices throughout history have been minimized, criticized, blocked or shut down by collective societal consciousness, which has created physical and emotional holding patterns in how we express ourselves. Expression is a creative gift that we are all born with, and women’s historical lack of rights have made us doubt our wise and intuitive voice. When they say the eyes are the window to the soul, I believe that the voice is how we express that soul. Our voices are one of the most powerful tools we have to communicate with others - they carry our life-force energy! The sound of our voice expresses who we are and what we are feeling and thinking. It tells a story of our inner world. Your voice is also a holographic representation of your state of health. It is a unique gift we are each given at birth to allow life to move through us and express itself. The key to empowerment is communication, and our “voice,” either from our throats or hearts, speaks our truth. 

"This is a well written book with lots of knowledge. Easy and enjoyable book. Also includes clickable links which allows you to access information in the moment you are reading it instead of having to remember to go back to it later."

"I've only known Ruth for a short time. I have wonderful conversations with her and after reading her story, she has given me inspiration to overcome any obstacles that come my way. Well done Ruth!"

"This book is such an eye opener to the way that our voice works! It is so well written and is interesting to read. I love how there are links included so I can learn more about each subject."

"The book has introduced me to several areas of natural healing and diagnosis that I never imagined existed and has inspired me to investigate them further. I really enjoyed reading this book. It was so enlightening."

Professional Meeting
Link 1 

Preference for Leaders with Masculine Voices

Link 3

Cymatics Experiment

Link 5

Music Based on 432 Hz

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Link 7

Developing Kinesthetic Awareness

Link 9

My Favorite Humming Music

Link 11

Guided Chakra Toning Session

Link 2

Vocal cords in action

Link 4

Voice Mandala

Link 6

Human Bioacoustics

Link 8

The Humming Effect

Link 10

Guided Humming Session

Link 12

HeartMath Guided Meditation

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