Vibrational Sound Therapy

While many people are just discovering it, vibrational sound healing is actually a return to ancient practices that used chants and singing bowls to restore health and relieve pain. A recent study found that singing bowl therapy reduced stress, anger, depression and fatigue. All of these are known to impact physical health and raise the risk for disease. 

Vibration and sound are all around us every day. Even though we are not conscious of it, our body and mind feel the effects of these vibrations. When we are exposed to a tone or combination of tones and vibration, our brain dips down very quickly into the calming alpha state - the state between sleep and waking. This state of deep relaxation is elusive to many people in our stressful lives. 



Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) combines ambient sound and vibration through the use of therapeutic Himalayan singing bowls which are specially designed to send vibrations down into the body. These deep vibrations affect the body on a cellular level opening up the flow of energy to facilitate the body's own innate healing ability.


This non-invasive therapy has been known to reduce stress, improve focus, reduce blood pressure and heart rate, facilitate the release of endorphins and melatonin, reduce anxiety and synchronize the brain hemispheres. Clients have experienced a feeling of profound relaxation and well-being.  They often sleep better for several days following the treatment.

What's the Buzz? Sound Therapy

By Stephanie Rosenblum of the New York Times

Using forks and bowls for anything other than dinner may seem to some people like New Age nonsense. But healers, sometimes called sounders, argue that sound can have physiological effects because its vibrations are not merely heard but also felt. And vibrations, they say, can lower heart rate variability, relax brain wave patterns and reduce respiratory rates...

"With all the stress of moving and fixing up an old house, I needed a break. I’ve been following Ruth for quite a while and was curious about the healing treatment she offers. My husband is an engineer specializing in sound and vibration, and his input left me a bit skeptical. I booked an appointment anyway. In her lovely treatment room, Ruth explained the treatment process thoroughly, and I felt completely at ease and confident in her knowledge. The treatment bed is clean and so comfortable. The sound of the bowls is so soothing, the mild vibration coming from the bowls as they are placed on your body is a gentle “buzz”. I was left in a completely calm, meditative state. Two days later I can honestly say that I still feel the benefits of Ruth’s treatment. If you’re feeling stressed out, I urge you to invest in this very special “me time”. Paulette G., Wharton, NJ

Kristin, Hackettstown, NJ

I would enthusiastically recommend Ruth's sound healing without hesitation. It is apparent in Ruth's approach that she is completely dedicated to helping her clients be the best they can be through a truly holistic method. With her care and concern, she makes a deep connection with those she works with. 

Alison, Chester, NJ

Thank you for the amazing VST session today. As you know, I had a lot of stress when I arrived. However, your sensitive and skilled approach simply dissolved it, and I left feeling very relaxed and peaceful. 

Meryl, Denville, NJ

I recently had a Vibrational Therapy Session with Ruth.  It was a profound energy releasing experience. I felt lighter afterwards and did feel the release of some stuck emotions. She is so kind and nurturing and makes you feel so comfortable.

Cathy, Bangor, PA

My sound healing session with Ruth was a very enlightening experience. After my session was over I felt a wonderful feeling of relaxation which lasted several days. I also felt more physically aligned which I must have needed. I highly recommend this modality and believe it can help people in many ways.

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