Vibrational Sound Therapy

While many people are just discovering it, vibrational sound healing is actually a return to ancient practices that used chants and singing bowls to restore health and relieve pain. A recent study found that singing bowl therapy reduced stress, anger, depression and fatigue. All of these are known to impact physical health and raise the risk for disease. 

Vibration and sound are all around us every day. Even though we are not conscious of it, our body and mind feel the effects of these vibrations. When we are exposed to a tone or combination of tones and vibration, our brain dips down very quickly into the calming alpha state - the state between sleep and waking. This state of deep relaxation is elusive to many people in our stressful lives.

Will sound, vibration and frequency be the medicine of the future? We believe so! 


This video documentary is a fantastic look into sound healing. It aims to uncover the influence of sound and the magnitude of its potential through medicine, science, and everyday living.

"My first session with Ruth left me feeling wonderfully light and peaceful. Going in I had no major complaints of pain or stress, however, some minor discomforts in my right knee and right inner ear were noticeably diminished. These positive feelings continued into the next day as I am writing this. I highly recommend sound therapy with Ruth to anyone seeking an alternative healing modality or simply a boost to optimal wellbeing." Audrey Simpson, Myofascial Release Practitioner, LPN, LMT, Belvidere, NJ

Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) combines ambient sound and vibration through the use of therapeutic Himalayan singing bowls which are specially designed to send vibrations down into the body. These deep vibrations affect the body on a cellular level opening up the flow of energy to facilitate the body's own innate healing ability.


This non-invasive therapy has been known to reduce stress, improve focus, reduce blood pressure and heart rate, facilitate the release of endorphins and melatonin, reduce anxiety and synchronize the brain hemispheres. Clients have experienced a feeling of profound sublime relaxation and well-being that lasts several days. They also often sleep better following the treatment.

We are assaulted daily with frequencies, vibrations and EMF’s that are jarring and damaging to our systems. These non-harmonious effects do not stop with the cessation of these disturbances. They can continue to cause low level irritation and anxiety, which is incongruous with our natural state of being. Vibrational Sound Therapy rebalances the body at the cellular and energetic levels. It recreates the frequencies and sound patterns found in nature, and anchors you to the primordial connection with mother earth. You feel grounded like you are walking on the beach, sitting by a stream or hiking in the mountains. The oscillations of the therapeutic bowls imitate the ebb and flow of nature, which melt away stress and anxiety - everyday concerns are allayed, your to-do list fades, your mind chatter is silenced.

Here's what people are saying...

Thank you for the amazing VST session today. As you know, I had a lot of stress when I arrived. However, your sensitive and skilled approach simply dissolved it, and I left feeling very relaxed and peaceful. 

Alison I., Chester, NJ

I would enthusiastically recommend Ruth's sound healing without hesitation. It is apparent in Ruth's approach that she is completely dedicated to helping her clients be the best they can be through a truly holistic method. With her care and concern, she makes a deep connection with those she works with. 

Kristin L., Hackettstown, NJ 

I recently had a Vibrational Therapy Session with Ruth.  It was a profound energy releasing experience. I felt lighter afterwards and did feel the release of some stuck emotions. She is so kind and nurturing and makes you feel so comfortable.

Meryl H., Denville, NJ