The powers of the feminine voice have been minimized and repressed for centuries, to the point where we do not value our natural abilities, sensitivities and intelligence. We sometimes give away our own power with words that are apologetic, people-pleasing or self-deprecating. Some of us find it difficult to ask directly for what we need, feeling selfish and self-centered. I believe the idea of being “all things to all people” which is actually written in the Bible at  I Corinthians 9:19-23, has left an ancient imprint on women; not only in the world view, but how we view ourselves. Our own embodied voice is an integral path for facilitating change and empowerment! The voice is an incredibly powerful tool that can be wielded to hurt or to heal - it is also an ancient pathway to self-realization

Develop your own unique signature sound

We will learn some new concepts, techniques and tools on how to use breath and body awareness to facilitate connection to the voice to create a more powerful presence and authentic self-expression. 

Inspire with heart centered communication

We will further explore ways of speaking with more confidence and reduce anxiety by offering techniques to overcome the blocks to vocal expression. We will use sound to make emotional and energy connections that we don't normally make!

"Ruth creates a comfortable experience by encouraging you to let go of any inhibitions, to be open and free which I have found is essential for vocal improvement. Also, she is completely committed to unlocking her client's true potential. I not only gained confidence in my voice but Ruth helped me develop a more resonant and present tone."