How Your Voice Can Heal Your Body

Wouldn’t you like to know about something you could do that’s so easy and accessible to elevate your health and wellness?

YOU are a symphony of sounds. every organ, bone, tissue, or cell has its own resonant frequency. And that’s just the physical body - not the energetic bodies. But If these parts of your body get out of sync vibrationally, this can possibly lead to an unhealthy conditions.

But just like an orchestra tunes up, you can tune up your body with your voice. But unlike other instruments, the voice vibrates from the inside out - it’s like you are the sound, Instead of sound coming into you from an outside source. It is an entirely different process or feeling. It is a conscious digestion of the vocal vibrations to assimilate the energy through your entire being.

So how is this possible? Your brain and body are hard-wired to readily accept and resonate with your voice. Your voice can not only elicit a physiological response but a powerful, and deep transformative emotional one as well. Our bodies have an average frequency of between 62-72 hz - and the frequency your voice is male 180 to female 255 Hz. This is a dominant frequency and the out of tune frequencies in the body will entrain to the stronger frequency of your voice. You are changing the tonal structure of your electromagnetic field. Cells also have hair-like antenna that respond to certain frequencies and take them in as nourishment.

Research has shown that your voice emits a small amount of infrared light as the molecules of air vibrate and our cells also sing in the infrared light spectrum. So when we speak chant tone sing we are singing the language of the cells. Also sound as a carrier of this photonic light energy magnifies the healing properties.

Another interesting thing your voice is controlled by the vagus nerve which Innervates your major organ systems. So the sound of your voice travels to your organs through the vagus nerve. Here’s another fun fact about the vagus nerve - activates the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system, our rest and digest state. simple practice of toning or humming can have tangible calming effects by virtue of the stimulation of this important nerve. Also, humming stimulates the release of nitric oxide, our own happy gas and a crucial molecule that is present in many of our body’s processes.

VOCAL TONING The first time I was introduced to toning was at a weekend retreat. In one of the sessions there were about 50 of us sitting in a circle and toning the chakra vowel sounds. The experience of being surrounded by the force of the vibrations released something in me, and opened a floodgate of tears that released some of the pain from the trauma of losing my family. I must have cried for at least an hour, but felt light as a feather afterwards. It was one of the most profound healing experiences that I had had up to that point.

Also a few years back I found out about Sharri Edwards and her work in human bioacoustics. This study illustrates that your voice is literally a holographic representation of your state of health. The impact that our voices have on ourselves and others is so much more profound than we know. Every word we speak carries the vibration of our sound as an instrument of communication and self healing.

You and the sound of your voice are one and it is the conscious attention, compassion and listening is the key that unlocks the entire complement of who you are.

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