Stress Busting Trick Using Your Own Voice!

I want to share a stress busting shortcut with you that I learned through reading this excellent book by trauma expert Dr. Peter Levine called IN AN UNSPOKEN VOICE, HOW THE BODY RELEASES TRAUMA AND RESTORES GOODNESS.

I actually used this technique on a recent flight that I was on when the pilot announced that we were going to be experiencing some turbulence on our descent. I am working through a fear of flying so I instantly felt that queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. What I did was make a deep VOO sound like a foghorn, and allowed it to resonate in my body.

This activates the vagus nerve, which for all you science lovers is the 10th cranial nerve and it is central to the parasympathetic nervous system, which tells the body that we are not in immediate danger and we can calm down and rest and digest our food. It actually connects the brain to the gut. The OOH is also sound is associated with the sacral chakra which is below the navel and is in the area of the digestive system.

This sound can give you the feeling of being grounded and centered as well rather quickly.

Yeah, it may feel weird to you to actually make these sounds aloud, but honestly, I didn’t care how many people heard me - what I cared about is that it actually worked quickly to keep me calm so I wouldn’t go into a full blown panic attack.

I also use it at the beginning of my student’s voice lessons to relax and ground them and help them embody their sound rather quickly.

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