The Voice of Your Intuition

We all have had the experience of thinking of someone only to have them text or call shortly afterwards or come to find out they were sick or in an accident. Whether it’s that gut feeling that defies logic or the heart feeling that takes us by surprise, intuition is universal to us all. Learning to develop and trust our intuitive intelligence is more important now than it ever has been before. We are bombarded daily with a deluge of information from various sources. Our natural intuitive intelligence is really all we need to know to guide us as to what is in our best interest. It can help us to navigate our life experience and the myriad forms of information that we are exposed to. Your intuitive voice speaks to you in many ways. Here’s some of the methods that I’ve experienced, and I’m sure you have too!

  • Inner voice - this is the “still, small voice” that is somewhat similar to my head babble, but has a different quality, like a nudge. I get a lot of these “nudges” while driving - like write an e-book, reach out to a friend, or watch out for that other car! I remember when I was seventeen I had broken up with my boyfriend Tim and felt terrible about hurting him. One evening a few weeks later, I was suddenly overcome with this unexplainable urge to go to the garage where he worked on his car. I drove there and somehow knew that I didn’t want him to see me, so I parked in the lot next door. When I peeked in the window, I saw him in an embrace with another girl and immediately felt relief wash over me - taking away my guilt feelings. I was in a kind of dreamy state driving home, amazed at the force that had guided me there.

  • Inner knowing - Sometimes there are no thoughts or images - we just know. This is an amazing feeling that is probably very foreign to most of us. It certainly was to me in this next story that happened about a decade later. My brother, who I told you about earlier, called me at work to ask if I would be mad at him if he committed suicide. Totally distraught, I said I was coming over after work to talk and I would bring dinner. I remember being at the Chinese restaurant and grabbing sets of chopsticks but putting one back because I knew Bill was gone - I just knew. Another time years later I applied for a job closer to home. After the interview I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I had the job, even after the director called and told me that he had given the position to someone else. The next day the director called back and offered the job to me because the other person had declined.

  • You actually hear a voice - I did once when I was driving - it said “look right.” Someone ran a red light as I was going through an intersection and I had just enough time to jam on my brakes and avoid what could have been a serious accident. Another time one of my co-workers at this new job asked if I knew someone who could teach her daughter voice lessons, and before I could think, a voice that did not feel like my own answered, “sure, I can!” So I said, “I guess I can…” and that was the start of my voice studio.

  • Heart or gut feeling - That sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, or that little flutter in your heart is trying to tell you something. When you meet someone for the first time, don’t you usually get a heart feeling about them? Can’t you feel it when some place has a good vibe? After I opened my voice studio, I put an ad in the paper for an accompanist. Out of about 15 applicants that I spoke with on the phone, I had a really good heart feeling about this one guy who is now my husband! We went on to open a joint music studio and performed together for many years. There definitely was an intuitive guiding force in my life that led me to become a voice teacher and meet my husband!

Call it what you will, there is an invisible connection between all of us that defies logic. Dr. Wayne Dyer has called it the “infinite field of energy.” Quantum physics calls it the “unified field.” This connection calls us to open our ears to a more mindful listening, suspending our doubts and fears - listening from a deeper, more receptive place. Remember, we are all connected through vibration, and the energy of our bodies is “tuned in” to the that field and is listening, even when we are not!

“Intuition is real - vibes are real - energy doesn’t lie. Tune in.”

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