Through recovering from childhood trauma and the tragic deaths of her family at an early age, Ruth has learned how to harness the power of her voice for healing and empowerment. As a voice professional, she brings a wealth of knowledge of the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our voices as a tangible force that has a direct effect on our health and well being. As a seasoned performer, she is an engaging and compelling speaker that will guide your audience through an amazing journey to explore and awaken one of the most powerful tools we have for effective, heart-centered communication, healing and spiritual awakening. 

Your Wise Magical Voice

Your Wise Magical Voice presentation is centered around the belief that our voices are a powerful outlet of our sacred self, yearning to be expressed in the world. 

Our voice is our own instrument of expression, healing and spiritual connection - find out the science behind it and how to use it. Ruth shares her personal accounts and cutting edge research to illustrate and support the potential of voice and vibration for empowerment, self-healing and divine expression.  

Harmonize and Heal with Sound

Harmonize and Heal with Sound starts with a short multimedia presentation on the science of why sound and vibration affect us physically, mentally and energetically. To embody the concepts presented, the participants will be guided in a meditative sound bath with crystal bowls and other sonic instruments. Ruth will also provide  mini-sessions of Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) for those that are interested.

What You Will Learn

  • The study of Cymatics, the science of visible sound vibrations and how that has opened up our awareness of how sound affects matter.


  • The study of Human Bioacoustics, that shows that your voice is a holographic representation of your state of health and wellness.


  • Groundbreaking research on the heart to support that the bridge from the heart to the voice is the key to empowerment, effective communication, and spiritual connection  


  • Concepts that will open up a greater awareness of your body as a vibrant instrument of expressive communication and a tool for connecting to our divine aspect.


  • The science behind why sound healing works, especially from your own embodied voice!

  • Participants will be guided in a balancing and restorative chakra toning session using voice and other sonic instruments to integrate the concepts.

Woman in the Nature

Grace C.

Andover, NJ

Wow,wow,wow! In her dynamic and heartwarming style Ruth took me on an exploration of "Your Wise Magical Voice". Through stunning visuals, music and sound, backed by science and her own personal story of healing, I couldn't help but be engaged from beginning to end. I was left with a feeling of awe and wonderment and couldn't wait to put into use all that I had learned. I am so grateful for this experience which touched me physically, emotionally and spiritually. Thank you Ruth!

woman 2

Samantha R.

Newton, NJ

Best workshop yet! Progressive thinking and teaching!


Carla C.

Pastor, St. John's United Methodist Church, Hope, NJ

Amazing’, 'captivating’ and ‘insightful’ are just a few of the adjectives that come to mind when I think about Ruth Ratliff’s presentation. She has taken understanding the voice, it’s healing and energizing nuances, to an entirely new depth.  For me, she gives flesh to the Psalm verse ‘I am awesomely, wondrously made’ (Psalm 139:14 Tanakh translation).  Her passion for this subject is energizing and it was transforming to hear her.

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