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Ellia Essential Oil Diffuser

Can you tell by now I am addicted to scents? This is a wonderful little diffuser I got at Kohl's last Christmas, and I haven't stopped using it since! 

Method Daily Shower Spray

All I can say is WOW! A natural product that actually stops mold from growing in your shower - and it smells fabulous! Just spray this on after your shower, and say goodbye to the drudgery of scrubbing the shower tile! I usually get the refill for about $5 at Target. My husband is even impressed!

Method Products in General

Launched in 2001, Method was conceived by two former roommates to offer eco-friendly, economical and effective home cleaning products. If you are a fan of essential oils, you will love Method - oh, and did I say that they smell fabulous? 

DW Home Candles

I first found these candles at Home Goods (another topic entirely!) and was very surprised and delighted at their quality, which in my opinion rivals Yankee Candles, at a third of the price. The burn time is way longer than most cheaper candles, and they have a selection of very interesting scents. 

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