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Are you living an unexpressed life?

  • Do you have a feeling of not being listened to at home and work and as a result don't feel valued or respected?

  • Does your voice almost close up and shake during confrontational conversations, which leaves you feeling weak and ineffective?

  • Are you are terrified of public speaking?

  • Do you have a hard time expressing your personal boundaries?

  • Do you feel like you get shut down when you have something to say?

  • Do you dislike the sound of your voice?

  • Do you feel frustration and shame because you don't think you have the courage to speak your mind?

Wouldn't you like to know what it feels like

to be able to just say how you feel without questioning yourself?

I've wondered that too for most of my life. Like many of us, I grew up in a dysfunctional family dynamic and this unsafe environment created a great fear in me of speaking my mind. This fear stopped me from sticking up for myself in episodes of sexual harassment at work, kept me in bad relationships way too long, and I still feel it in the pit of my stomach during confrontational conversations.

My relationship with my own voice through music and sound healing gave me opportunities to peel away the layers of protection that I had surrounded myself with. Over time, I built up the courage to share my voice and learn to speak out in spite of the fear. This helped me develop a sense of empowerment and self-esteem that transformed me from a shy, fearful child to an inspirational speaker, performer and author. 

I use a unique holistic approach combining my years as a performer, voice coach and sound healer to help my clients release barriers to expression through the language of the body with their own ultimate healing instrument - their voice. 

Why is this important especially now?

We are currently in a time where the very justified and real feelings of anger and frustration have been intensely surfacing in the collective. The intensity of these feelings can be draining and overwhelming when not fully felt and processed. We all hold core wounds and limiting beliefs that run our lives. Allowing these emotions to move through our voices and bodies somatically can turn them into strength, power and purpose.

Through the foundation of Sound Healing combined with Voice Work you can discover a deeper and more authentic expression of yourself, interact with greater confidence, and ultimately be, do and have more of what you want.


What you will experience in a session:

  • During a session, we first move you into a profoundly relaxing state with Sound Therapy using Himalayan Singing Bowls and Crystal Bowls and other sonic instruments to release tension and stress energy. This will make your body/mind more receptive for the deeper Voice Work. 

  • We will create a safe space to uncover experiences where your voice was shut down.

  • We will use sound to make emotional and energetic connections to give voice to the traumatic blocks that have been holding you back. 

  • We will further explore ways of speaking with more confidence and reduce anxiety by providing tools to foster more authentic expression.​​

During the sessions you’ll receive a set of experiences that may help you to:

  • Find greater freedom of expression so you can have have more fulfilling interpersonal relationships and meaningful work.

  • Feel more confident and empowered speaking your mind so you can stop the negative thought loops of "I should have said this, I should have said that."  

  • Discover a greater awareness of your inner voice so you can use it to guide you to make clear decisions.

  • Clear away old energetic blocks to help you feel more vibrant and alive so you can live your potential.

Re-ignite enthusiasm, expand the inner magic that makes you unique and ultimately re-energize your life force!


Debee Boulanger

Director, Abundant Wellness Center

Reflecting on the past, being afraid to sing, because it felt like there were broken cords of disharmony that rang through my voice. Through a series of exercises, Ruth Ratliff helped me connect to the source of my vocal wounds. That door flung wide open to when I was a fearful little first grader. Working with Ruth, I felt safe and that made it so much easier to obtain remarkable result. My session with Ruth was an incredibly effective and enjoyable experience.


Keren Kilgore

Director, Lightning Tree Creative Media

Ruth, it was a true honor to work with you yesterday. You are gifted in seeing through and identifying blockages in people and helping them transition into a more receptive state. The sound therapy portion felt like a sifting process. During this it felt like wind was moving around in my chest and I experienced a clearing in my throat as well as flashes of colorful light behind my eyes. In the second portion of our session, I enjoyed the statements and the techniques that released several physical issues that I have been struggling with. Your suggestions about what to do to continue the clearing process were very helpful.  Thank you for your gift of healing through sound and music. 


Jenny Leather

Transformational Facilitator, Soul Insights

I recently did a long distance session with Ruth, I enjoyed the sound healing session prior to commencement, took me out of my head into a safe space within easily. From  this place is was easy to uncover a blockage and do the work to release. I love the idea of using sound as a vibrational adjuster, beautiful work - thank you.


Candace Mae Gruber

CEO and Leadership Consultant - Candace Mae Training & Services

My virtual sound healing session with Ruth Ratliff was truly amazing! I experienced strong vibrational waves reverberating in my body - literally a deep vibration occurred in the center of my back behind my heart - I would swear someone took a vibrator and touched me. The sounds Ruth created and shared, plus the toning sounds she guided me to make with my own voice, definitely brought to the surface of my awareness emotional memories that I repressed deep in my body since I was a young girl.  As a coach and trainer, I understand how our brain and subconscious work; and I understand that our bodies hold on to memories this way. This experience with Ruth, however, brought all of my knowledge into the first-hand experience. Since this experience with Ruth, I have been working with this heightened awareness and releasing limiting beliefs and shame that have unknowingly held me back. This new awareness has accelerated my ability to understand the core of my WHY - in my business and the purpose of my life.  This has helped me release my voice on a new level. 


Paula Anderson-Findley

  MBA, SPHR - Aligning Talent Strategically

When in the Vibrational Sound Therapy environment and state created by your facilitation…I was able to address unresolved thoughts and feelings from my past, present, and future which I had been addressing but were lacking in some regards upon reflection both in flow and a deeper sense… I felt as though I was living parts of my life story in vivo with complete ease. I was able to be my own witness from which I was able, effortlessly, to accomplish some personal ‘work’ or processing that I just hadn’t been able to harness before being guided in my session with you. I have been able to be highly creative and innovative, almost industrious in my work. As of late, I have been incredibly involved and, in some cases, working day after day with more energy and contribution than I have in a very long time. Most outstanding is my ability to connect again with the feeling that engulfed me and the coupling I find in solitude, especially with some deeply important people and times in my life.


Marlin Peters

Author of  "A Breath of Truth" and Co-Owner, Shermans Creek Art and Frame

What a lovely session. I'm not sure where I went to for some of the time, but I enjoyed the ride. I know I felt much lighter and the part where I was to express in sound my feelings during a certain period in my life felt transformational. Thanks for assisting me to find the connection with voice and feelings. A totally new experience and I thank you so much for living your passion and helping me to experience the results of that.

Discover the transformational power of your voice

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