Meet Ruth

Ruth’s work is centered on the belief that the power of voice and sound can be an instrument of expression, healing and sacred connection. She uses a holistic approach, combining science and spirituality to help you access a conscious transformation to lead a healthy, fully expressed life.

Ruth has been a singer, performer and workshop leader for many years and a holistic voice teacher for the past 20 years. Through her own experience with personal tragedy and the observation of her students, she realized that voice, through the language of the body, has the potential to access something much deeper in us. She saw that people’s voices reflected how they felt about themselves, and how they showed up in their lives. Through this, a healing path and new career emerged in sound healing. Her offering Amplify Your Voice is the culmination of Ruth’s experience as a performer, teacher and healer.

She studied vocal performance and pedagogy at Mannes Music College in New York City, The New School for the Arts in Montclair, NJ, and Westminster Choir College in Princeton, NJ. 


She is a Licensed and Certified Vibrational Sound Therapy Practitioner and holds a Level 1 Certificate in Sound Healing with Voice and Shoden Reiki. Ruth is also a published author of the book "The Voice of Women's Wisdom" which can be found on


She is also a member of The Sound Healers Association, Holistic Business Association and Natural Life Business Partnership. 

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